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Aging produces sagging of the cheeks, jowls, and neck.

Patients can wait until the sagging is significant or start earlier as preventative maintenance so that sagging does not become too obvious and the changes are subtle. The skin and the deeper tissues are elevated and pulled back with the excess skin being removed.

This surgery can be divided into 4 sections: the neck, the jaw line, the cheek mound and temple region. The surgery requires repositioning of the deeper structures under the skin to return to a more youthful appearance.

The localized areas of jowl fat can be vacuumed away with liposuction or liposhaving.

Recovery can be as prompt as 2 weeks depending on how extensive the surgery was.

Midface Lift (Endoscopic Face Lift)

This type of face lift actually puts the cheeks in the proper proportional position.

This results in a more attractive and angular face with a generally better aesthetic appearance.

A mid face lift combined with an endoscopic forehead lift can make a huge improvement to the forehead, eyebrows, and cheeks of persons with aging faces.

Better yet, it is performed through tiny incisions in the scalp and mouth area and done with fine endoscopic instruments.

Recovery can be as prompt as 2 weeks depending again on how extensive the surgery was.

S-Lift (Weekend Face Lift)

This is an excellent technique for lifting the face (jowls and cheek mounds) with minimal time off work usually within 10 days. It is call an S lift because the incision is the shape of a gentle S flowing behind stiff earflap in front of the ear often with no incisions behind the ear. It gives a natural look to these areas.

It is used in the younger patients who are starting to sag and do not want the full facelift operation. Forty-year-olds are the appropriate age for this. No matter what age, if you do not want a lot of "down time" the S lift would be for you. It is excellent choice for those patients who have had previous facelifts.

The "S" lift does not correct large jowls or neck sagging. However if there is a lot of fat in the jowls or neck, then the precise liposhaving technique must be used to vacuum away the fat. The liposhaving may cause bruising that lasts longer than one week.

Neck Lift

Cording down the front of the neck or excessive fat in the neck can be improved with a neck lift. With incisions behind the ear and just under the chin, deeper structures are repositioned to improve the cording and lessen the fat bulges. The excess skin is removed as it is pulled back.

In 2 weeks most patients are socially acceptable.