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Prominent Ears

Whether you were born with overly large ears or your earlobes have stretched with age, surgery can reduce their size.

The procedures can be performed on both children and adults, though children should be at least five years old. In children, restoring the ears to a normal size can have a beneficial effect on their self-esteem, helping them avoid years of teasing.

For adults, the shortening of the earlobes can help them look younger and bring the ears into balance with the rest of the face.

During the operation, excess tissue and cartilage are removed, the ear is aesthetically shaped, and the incisions are closed, usually with self-absorbing stitches. Even though the ears continue to grow somewhat as you age, most reduction procedures don't need to be repeated.

Ear surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis and takes between two and three hours.

Most patients recover within a week and can return to school or work. Risks are typically minimal with this procedure, and should be discussed with a doctor prior to treatment.